- 5TB Hyperspin Physical drive ONLY - The sweet spot of gaming. Has some of everything​. 


Includes all Arcade, all sets up to Sony Playstation 1. 650 Games of ps2, 50 wii games. All Computer related content. PC fighters and All pinballs. ($192 Canadian is $145 US)

- 5TB Drive Donation = $160 Clone + $25 for shipping = $185 US

  • When sending the drives, please use the United States Postal Service. Just send the drives, dont send any wires, or the original box that the drive came with. Please label the drives as External (Make of drive) 1TB, with a value of 60 dollars. This is for Customs, anything over 100 gets fees.

  • A full refund can be provided if access hasnt been provided, or the product hasnt been shipped. Upon receiving the drives, only the cost of the drives as well as the shipping can be refunded.