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March - 11 Updates so far



MAME - Updated database to the latest Hyperspin Database
MAME - Completely created a whole new media wheel set
AMIGA FS-UAE - Completed the theme, now when launches from HS, it launches directly into the Frontend.

Nintendo Switch Module for the YuZu emulator was modified to work with the new version of the emulator. Now launches again.


Daphne Singh - Added 3 games with Media. Future Boy Conan, Freedom Fighters and Daitarn 3

SNES (Snes9x)

- Changed to run in 16:9

- Added Filter plugin BRZ, smooths out pixels for a better look.

Sega 32x/Genesis/Mega Drive (Fusion)

- Changed graphics plugin to sharpen up images


- Modded the ini to help create a more arcade feel graphically

Sony Playstation 2 (PCSX2)

- Higher resolution

- 16:9

- Added a Buzz controller plugin which makes it possible to use the Buzz controller siwth the games

Nintendo 64

- Increased Resolution/Added 16:9

Dreamcat (Demul)

- Moved back to Demul and away from  Re-Dream. I just feel it offers a better emulation experience.


Settings Saver Rewrite - Now you can back up the following before you update your drive, settings will be restored after the update!

1. Main Menu.xml Changes - Say you wanted to remove Adult MAME. Now it carries over your changes
2. Mame settings - This will save any Graphical Changes, Custom Game Inputs etc
3. Other Arcade/Console Settings and Controls - Controls and Video Graphic Preference, 4k, 2k, 16:9 etc

4. Individual Emulator Game Saves - Your game saves
5. HS Favorite Lists - Your lists in each wheel

6. Custom PCLauncher/Steam Additions - Your Custom PCLauncher Addition Settings/Some Media. JUST SAVES WHEEL MEDIA. NO VIDEO MEDIA, AND NO THEMES. ITS JUST TO BIG TO INCLUDE!
7. LEDBlinky - Any changes you've made
8. Any Custom Directories - This probably wont be used
9. HS Game Settings, Filters etc - Any individual HS settings


MAME - Tweaked the control configuration for USB Encoders

Visual Pinball/Future Pinball - Tweaked the USB encoder joytokey profiles to include the same ipac configurations


MAME emulation lag Improvement - Changed how certain games launch and fixed a speed issue on some games with heavy sprites


Update script code cleanup - Fixed a handful of small things, General code consolidation.

Update System Addition - A settings specific profile that ONLY updates the core configuration files on the Root of the setup. A few of the smaller files, like ini files that only had a few letters changed were staying the same size wise across updates and the update system would skip over them because the physical size of the file wasn't changing. This new profile updates them regardless of size and retro fixes everything up to the last 6 months by re-downloading them. You would only use this if some settings didn't carry over on a previous update.


Emulator update - CXBX, Citra, Xenia, RCSP3, Project 64, DeSmuME, Visualboyadvance, Cemu, Yuzu Early Version, Teknoparrot


Sega Ringedge - Finally a working dump of Batman The Arcade Game was added.
TeknoParrot and various modules - Updated to latest version.


Master Control Panel - Fixed the button/switch for the hyperspin introduction randomizer. Now  toggles intros On/Off and On/Randomized
Introduction Conversions - Converted some introduction MP4s into FLVs, which increased the splash video to 19 different introductions

Wheel Small Fixes - Setting Tweaks, XML modifications etc. Removed a few doubles from the mame wheels etc.


Nintendo Switch - New Set is now live - 754 Games total. The set is being added to though in the very near future. Going up to 816 games.

Nintendo Switch Emulator - Yuzu Early edition was added to the drive. Now has Vulkan support.


Discord Audit - Went through and did a huge audit of about 1300 people. Cleaned things up

Febuary -  9 Updates


Openbor - Module was switched from its dedicated module to PCLauncher. I feel things are much more stable.


PC Fighting Games - Finally implemented KeytoJoy profiles that allow all PC Fighting games that work natively with an Xbox 360 controller, and allows them to played flawlessly on an Ipac configuration.


Xbox Original - Starcraft Ghost was added.


Commodore Amiga - FS-UAE was added to the wheel, replacing the older Amiga Emulator all together. Offers a much better emulation experience. Also cuts the games down to about 450 or so. But hits all the key notes.


Nintendo Wii - 2 Mario Kart hacks were added. Mario Kart Black and Mario Kart Legacii - There are about 200 to 300 tracks in total on these two games alone. Really cool additions.
Gog Games - Jack Rabbit and Normality were added


Sega Ringedge - Starwars Dome fix was applied to the game. 4K Resolution upgrade displayed in 16:9 was also applied


Nintendo Switch - Now has 754 Games from all world regions. Switchware has about 1540 titles

Sega Ringedge - Batman (Raw Thrills), YuGiOh were added

Daphne - Puss N Boots was added

OpenBor - 40 New games were added. About 300 total

Nintendo Wii - Controls were updated to include the DirectX9 version of Dolphin. Can now switch between Xinmo, Xbox and Ipac controls for both versions of Dolphin using the Master Control Panel


24Tb Update Profile was added - PSN Games are now available to 24tb Drive users


Drive compatibility update - Added settings so a pair of 12tbs can be used for the 24tb setup

WinExo\DosExo - Fixed some module settings.

Emulator Update: Xenia, Cemu Teknoparrot

January -  10 Updates


All Collection wheels - Removed unavailable games from the smaller sets (2TBs, 5TBs, 8TBs) so now the collections represent the correct games
from each setup. The install was updated to achieve this


Sony Playstation 3 Ware - 550 Games Total - Added 230 new Titles with media. 550 Videos replace the old still snaps


Daphne Singh - 7 New Games!  Samurai Jack, Titan A.E., StarBlazers, Platoon, Fire and Ice, Chantzes Stone, How to train your Dragon

Sega Ringedge - Latest version updated, Luigi's Mansion is now playable

Removed the Free play and other SWF files for a cleaner inside wheel look

Final Fight revenge was added to MAME Alt, plays under the older version of mame, but not 0.217. Now it works


New Bezels - MAME (A bunch of new games) \ Sega 32X \ Sega Ringedge \ Wii U \ Taito Type X \ Model 1 \ Capcom System 3 \ Others

New Fades -  MAME \ NGPC \ Sega Ringedge \ Sega Saturn \ Sega Naomi \ Sammy Atomiswave \ Others

Emulator Upgrade - Sega Ringedge

MAME Alt - Older Mame version added as some games broke under the new version. (Batman forever, Simpsons bowling being 2 examples)

Global Bezels\Fade - Turned back on. Sound bug from windows recent update was fixed


MAME WHEEL - 0.217 RomSet Updated/MAME emulator Added

MAME Shotgun Games - Also updated to use the 0.217 Emulator/Romset (Ini's/Cfgs/CTRLR files imported over from older version)


PC Fighting Games - 16TB - Re-Added Killer Instinct as I added a method to circumvent the date crash issue.


Emulator Upgrade - Teknoparrot, Xenia, RCSP3, and CXBX

Updated the Teknoparrot roms for the Cloud based download service


Adding UCR - KeytoJoy profiles will be used in conjunction with PC Fighting games that only work with xbox controllers. This will give ipac users xinput functions. Games like Streetfighter V/Mortal Kombat X will be able to be played on any keyboard encoder.


Sony Playstation 3 - Fixed an issue that wouldnt allow the emulator to launch via Hyperspin, but did in Rocketlauncher


Master Control Panel - Did a code wide sweep and general update

December -  9 Updates


Emulators updated - Teknoparrot / Redream 1.4 (latest development build)
Mario Kart DX - English Patch was updated to 0.6
CXBX - Controls redone

Alt Sega Dreamcast game list updated - Means a greater range of compatibility


Sega Ringedge - 4 Games added - H2 Overdrive, Ghost Squad Evo, Caladrius, Border Break Scramble

PC Games - Ipac controls added for Injustice 2, Soul Caliber Vi, King of Fighters XIV

Arcade/PC Games - ReRave (Touch monitor Arcade game)

Gaelco game added - Radikal
Reworked the update profiles, things are a bit more organized now



PC Fighting games - 16TB Only - Injustice 2, Soul Caliber VI, King of Fighters XIV were added. Media also added


MAME - Individual Profiles updated for the Following Games. Each game controls have been revamped completely. Now works intuitively with any keyboard encoder, as well as any Xbox controller. Crazy Climber, Defender, Robotron, Tron, Smash TV (1 Player on Ipac, 2 on Xbox) and Spyhunter.

Sega Genesis - Tanglewood, with media was added

Super Nintendo - 2 Games added - Super Boss Gaiden, Nightmare Busters with media

Note: PinballX and Pinball Popper Setups - Will be available on January 10th. Will be taking Pre-orders starting on the 27th of December. Will feature around 1250 tables. Also will have a DOF section for Future Pinball. All 4k Tables, media for most things. etc. Preview videos will be coming soon.


Emulators updated - MAME 0.216 (Arcade), CXBX (Xbox Original), Cemu (Wii U), Yuzu (Switch), Teknoparrot 2.55 (Arcade), Citra (3DS), RCSP3 (PS3) and Xenia (Xbox 360)


PC Games - Alien Extermination has been added

Visual Pinball - Ghostbusters 1.2 was added


PC Games - Removed most of the PC Games on the 16TB portion of the drive. Kept all Racing/PC Fighting Games

   * Note - These games will be replaced with about 50 PC Racing games, all of which will be playable with a Racing wheel. No ETA on this


Nintendo wii - Added back 58 Games that were taken off for space reasons. Total = 1237 Titles - Minted Set


Nintendo Wii - Added Dolphin Ishiiruka, This will allow you to run Dolphin in Direct X9 on lower end machines.
Pinball Controls - Tweaked

NES - Mednefen controls added for Xinmo

November -  11 Updates


Nintendo Wii U Ware - Added 40 titles, Full Set Minted. 327 games total
Nintendo Wii U Media added - Wheels, Video previews added


Sega Saturn Japan: Completely revamped - Replaced the 500+ games with 1112 titles. Brand new set. Full media added. Including wheel art,

3d Covers and disk art
   * Note - The SSJ games were removed from the 8TB, and moved to the 16TB. This frees up over 200+ gigs on the 8TB drive and allows more

space for the Teknoparrot/Raw Thrills Arcade games that are being emulated. It also ensures the preservation of larger console libraries.


Pinball - Xinmo now supports full flipper support across all Pinball wheels. (Before it was a bit tricky because FX2/FX3 seen Xinmo as a 360 controller which works natively with the Xbox hardware on PC. This hurdle has been overcome)
Updated a bunch of the Diagrams for the control schemes. Including new Steering wheel configurations and Xinmo Wiring.

Reworked the install script, fixed the pinball B2S pinball error.


Racing Wheel Configurations - Added for Mame, Model 2, Model 3, Sega Naomi and Sega Ringedge. Hyperspin Setup is now Racing wheel compatible. 

Racing Wheel/Xbox Teknoparrot scripts added - Allows you to switch between what you want to use with one click for all racing games


Sega Ringedge - Starwars BattlePod/Dirty Driving (Raw Thrills) were added to the wheel. DD requires a Patreon

Sega Ringedge - Replaced some of the temp art that I made, with the Icons included with the emulator. Added Art for Starwars and Dirty Driving.


Ice Cold Beer - Replaced the vpx version with PCLauncher exe versions. MUCH better when it comes to the sensitivity

Zeaks Peak - Same as above, vpx version replaced.


Sega Ringedge - 2 Games added, Tekken 7 - Fated Retribution, Lets Go Jungle Special (Requires Patreon)


MAME Racing wheel setting integration - Will apply to the Paddles, Peddles and the Dial. (Tweaked settings for 122 games)
 *Racing wheel settings will also be implemented on Sega Ringedge, Sega Model 2, and Sega Model 3, and Naomi
 *Looking to release an all racing setup. Covering the above wheels, as well as a large list of PC Games which were designed to be used with
  the wheel.


Xbox 360 Settings were added to all the Sega Model 2 Racing games. Games now have analog control. (Along side Digital)


Pinball Release Progress - Removed all the doubles from Future pinball. And tried to round up some more backglasses for some of the unique tables in future pinball. (Frontend backglasses, not in game as they are included)


General Emulator Update - CXBX, Cemu, Citra, SuperModel, Xenia, and RCSP3

October - 10 Updates


Nintendo Wii U - 8 Games replaced, 35 new games added. 188 Games total Now - Full Set which ranges across all regions now
Nintendo Wii U - Media updated (Wheel art, Video previews, Images 3 and 4 all updated)
PC Fighting Games - Tekken 7, Dead or Alive 5, Dead or alive 6 was added to the 8tb setup


PC Fighting Games - Added Super Street Fighter IV 2012 Edition


Pinball Arcade - Direct X9 Version added to the upcoming pinball release via PinballX Only


Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Famicom, Famicom Translated, NES Hacks, and Famicom Disk System - Emulator Change, better emulation. More stable. Removes the English Language Keyboard issue


Commodore Amiga, Commodore 64. Controls redone and improved


Gamate Handheld - Redone, New Set added. New media added


Taito G-Net: Roms Replaced, Full Set now working
Started to Sort through ExoDos 4.0, will integrate once done

MAME The good Clones: Updated with a few new wheel art images. Tweaks made, etc


Nintendo Switch and Switchware - Huge Update coming (Will be made available to 24tb Drive setups)  Probably need a few days. Also new Media will be created once I have the Games ready


SegaRingedge/Teknoparrot Additions: Updated to
Final Fantasy All Star Carnival added


IceCold Games was Re-added, Ice cold Beer and Zeaks Peak - VPX Versions
Fusion Sound was fixed for Genesis

L/R MagnaSave was added to the Visual Pinball Setup/Controls. Now 2 buttons can be installed in Virtual Pinball Cabinets

September - 9 Updates So Far


A wide range of media was upgraded from N64 Import snaps, a few main themes, and other media including pointers and Game themes

Exodos 4.0 was downloaded, Still Need to implement and update


Reinstated the older vesion of Hypersearch as it doesnt lag Hyperspin when it first launches.


SegaRingedge/Teknoparrot Additions: Updated to



SegaRingedge/Teknoparrot Additions: 4 Games!
1. SnoCross
2. Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
3. KoDrive
4. Fighting Climax (Settings were readded, some how got deleted)


Super Model r777 Updated - 3 Games were recently added (Should have been added a long time ago, IDK how I missed them)
1. GetBass
2. ScudRace Plus
3. Harley Davidson


Reorganized how the Update system works. Parsing of the files now went from 200 to 70. New Server added. Snappier Service. Up to 100 Connections now.


Future Pinball 1.9.1 with Bam Update, RetroArch 1.7.8 now with Translate Feature,
Small Xinmo Gun Fix
Reinstating Save/Load states on a number of key emulators (They accidentally got removed during a file reorganization)


Future Pinball 1.9.1 with Bam Update, RetroArch 1.7.8 now with Translate Feature,
Small Xinmo Gun Fix
Reinstating Save/Load states on a number of key emulators (They accidentally got removed during a file reorganization)


Emulators Updated: Mame 0.212 Romset and Emu Updated, Cemu 1.15.13c, Citra 1344, CXBX Aug 28/19, SuperModel 777, Nestopia 1.49, RCSP3 0.0.7-8623, Teknoparrot, Xenia Aug/28/19

Sega Ringedge Games added - Fighting Climax and Justice League

Pinball FX3 - Fixed an issue with the Marvel tables not loading. Now everything is loading like it should.

August - 12 Updates this Month


PinballX: Huge Media roundup. Sorted through 145k files, Media organizing is now taking place
ShmupX: Added 336 Newly Designed Toppers


Pinball Arcade: Exclusive Wheel Media Created, 40 New tables, ,as well as Video produced via single launching and recording. 


Pinball Arcade V. 1.71.25: Added to Hyperspin/Fully integrated, Full Automatic startup with scripts. 40 new tables added, including the elusive Stern Ghostbusters table.


ShmupX - The first and only PinballX Variant! 326 Shmups! Full media, Playfields, DMDs (Arcade Marquees), Backglass (Game Flyers), Toppers (Logos) -


PinballX and ShmupX - Both running through Rocketlauncher now. Both super stable.


Pinball Frontend work: Pinball Pinup Popper/PinballX - Topper Renaming for all emulators/applications. Mass media roundup


Pinball Arcade 1.71.25 - Obtained and running in Portrait mode, will be integrated into the pinball frontend release. Hopefully using the Camera mod.



Visual Pinball - Did an audit and collected over 700 B2S backglass files. 


Pinup Popper/PinballX - Created a 100 new playfields that will be exclusive to the setup.
Created a script to remove the video backglass shown by PinballX, so that scores can be seen with Visual Pinball etc. This is hugely important, because previous to this, there wasnt any way to actually remove the video backglass as it would have played i a loop.


Pinup Popper - Collected 40+ Puppack packages


Pinup Popper\Pinball X - Put together a huge package of playfield videos. Had them rotated so now there is media for both Frontends. 1230 were done.



Visual Pinball/Future Pinball all uploaded and redone.
Visual pinball 10.6 added, Future pinball with Bam added. Install settings updated.

July - 5 Updates


Emulators updated - CXBX, Xenia, RCSP3, Cemu, Citra etc

Tweaks - A new version of Demul was added specifically for Dreamcast. This way it loads all the windows CE games separately.


Future Pinball - Completely redone. Version replaced, Tables extracted and tested. Working in a prime state now.

Pinball X - First leg of the pinball Frontend is done. Final table total is 1230 Tables. Still need to write the install, and do a few other things

PinUP Popper coming very soon!


Visual Pinball Frontend work - Collected tons of tables, DirectB2S backglass, And any media I could find. Putting together the mother of all Pinball releases. Will contain Pinball X/Pinball Popper. Be integrated into the current setup. And allow it to be extracted to an SSD Via a script



HUGE HURDLE CONQUERED - Found a way to introduce a windows macro for the upcoming pinball release. Even if the table hangs, pressing exit now will just remove everything in ram, bringing back the frontend to the forefront. Gonna be huge in creating a clean user experience.


Visual Pinball Nag Screen - Came up with a way to remove the nag screen even for desktop versions of the emulator.

June - 7 Updates


Sega Ringedge Games added - Transformers Human Alliance (Patreon), Fighting Climax (Patreon), DOA 5 Update 1 (Non Patreon), Media Updated

Teknoparrot updated to


Visual Pinball Overhaul -  2 New wheels added! 

VPX tables added, 423 in total! Will be over 500 once all the media is collected, Brand new theme, New wheels, Flyers and Stock info cards added.
VPX FSS Tables added, 85 in total. New Theme, all has the same media integrated as the VPX Table. (Old tables were removed)

VPinMAME Full Set - V.3.1 was added to accommodate the new tables.


Update script now fixed for everybody! - There was a problem that didnt allow a small number of people to not connect with the server. This has now been resolved!


BigBox Fix - Integrated a small mouse clicking script which brings back the focus when exiting Bigbox. (Plagued me for more than a month! Happy to have this fixed!)


Joytokey Changes - Tweaked a bunch of controls ranging from Genesis to the Sega Ringedge



TeknoParrot Changes - All the Fast and the Furious games now copy to the C Drive when ether the Install/Update is performed.
TeknoParrot Games Added - Fast and Furious Superbikes 2, Dead of Alive 5, Guitar Hero

TeknoParrot Media - All Updated

Emulators updated - TeknoParrot, Cemu, CXBX, Citra, Xenia and RCSP3.


Reworked how the update section for TeknoParrot is downloaded. Servers were chocked for a while, but now are running great again.

May - 7 Updates



New integrations into the install, tweaks. Redid how the setups are defined after the 24tb setup.

Removed Switch/Switchware from drive O:\, now the games will be on Q:\ as their own drive. (Still all included in the 24tb setup as a download)
Added 123 Playstation 3 games to the O:\ Drive (900 Gigs) to fill out the new space. Its now a dedicated PS3/PSN Drive.


Teknoparrot Games Added - Fast and Furious, Fast and Furious Drift, Fast and Furious SuperBikes, Fast and Furious SuperCars. 

AfterBurnerClimax - New dump added. Works great now with the 360 Controller
Teknoparrot Media - Updated for new games as well.


Nintendo Switchware Updated - 1660 games added total. However these had to be added as extra games since there isn't any space on the drive. Still available for download from the server though.

Teknoparrot Updated - Too Spicy configured, Rambo added to the Lindberg folder. (These are currently still patreon)

Emulators updated - Teknoparrot, Cemu 1.15.6C, Citra Nightly 1269, RetroArch 1.75, Xenia (May 9th), CXBX (May 18th), PCSX2 1.5, SNES9X 1.54


Launchbox/Bigbog revamped - Unified Refriend 2.01 added, Little tweaks worked in to minimize the focus issues that it seems to be having when exiting games. 

PC FIghting Games - Ultimate StreetFighter IV - Added Custom Controls:  Autohotkey/Joytokey profiles - 2 Players


Complete Website redesign, Mobile Site redesigned. 


NES HD Hack Set - Only 6 Games for now. But the library might expand later.


Launchbox/BigBox - 5 Wheels Added - Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo Famicom Translated, Super Famicom Translated - Now has 265 Wheels

Update Method -  Upgraded to 8.27

Apr - 8 Updates


Pinball FX3 - Updated to 88 Tables, Cabinet mode integrated into the install

Sega Ringedge - Huge Media Theme update

Sega Ringedge - Added GTIClub, (Forgot to add it)

Famicom Disk System - Media Overhaul


Nintendo Famicom Translated Wheel Added - 255 Games



TeknoParrot Updated to - Games Added - Counter Strike Neo, Darius Burst, Groove Coaster, 2Spicy (No Teknoparrot entry yet)

BSNES HD Emulator added. Only has 2 players though. (You can change the module settings to use it)
Updated BSNes, Yuzu, CxBx, Cemu and Graphics pack, Xenia, Teknoparrot, RCSP3, Snes9x, Model 3 and Citra


New MAME roms that werent there before were added to the 0.208 set. New Misc Folder added

Update System was updated


MAME - Tempest Settings updated - Now works with different mice.


Update Server was transferred to a new Service


Mame Updated to 0.208 - 0.208 Chds/Romsets Updated

San Francisco Rush 2049 - Added to the Mame wheel. Recently got emulated in Mame 0.206

TechnoParrot - Updated to

RCSP3 and YUZU Also updated


TechnoParrot - Grid had to be reconfigured. Now its working.

Mar - 6 Updates


Nintendo Switch - 268 Games added. Full Media acquired. (Special Video media with 4 snaps showing a preview of the games)
Nintendo SwitchWare - 1665 Games added. Full Media acquired. (Special Video media with 4 snaps showing a preview of the games)


FTP Automation Overhaul - Completely reworked part 1 of the FTP download process. Now a script handles the majority of the download process.


Nintendo Switchware - 350 Games were added


Emulators updated to latest - TeknoParrot 1.92, Cemu with graphic update pack, Xenia, Yuzu, Cemu, CXBX

Rocketlauncher Media - Tons of manuals added to Hyperpause ranging on all systems


Xbox Live Arcade - 150 Games added, Total is now 615. Nearly a full Set

Xbox Live Arcade - Wheel and Video Media filled out

Teknoparrot 1.92 - Upgraded to latest version


Feb - 6 Updates So Far


Nintendo Switch - Full Speed on Select Games, Full Screen. Now Portable
Super Famicom - Translated Set Added 

HBMAME - Set Reformatted down from 22 gigs to 5.5 Gigs, A saving of almost 17 gigs!


Teknoparrot 1.88 Updated - Games added - Grid (Settings modified), Virtua Fighter 5 Version C, Magical beat, Project Diva, Ikaruga, Crimson Clover,  Streetfighter Zero 3, Daytona 3 USA 
Teknoparrot - Mario Kart DX English Patch added! 

Teknoparrot - Media Sets filled out to accommodate new games.
Teknoparrot - Free play settings updated on a few games. (Settings added to the install)

Load Time Optimization - Found a way to decrease RocketLauncher load times by at least 35% across the board on all Game Sets that get unpacked. This is actually pretty Huge!

Game set Repacks all Done - Now over 200+ Gigs freed up on the 8TB Drive. Lots of space for new additions to be added for the rest of the year!

Fixed a control issue with PS2 as the cross wasnt responding, Fixed a small Audio issue for Project 64.


Teknoparrot 1.87 Updated - Media Sets filled out to accommodate new games.

Playstation Set - Reformatting in process. 1500+ Games, to save space

Sega Saturn Japan/USA Sets - Reformatting in process. 800 Games, to save space.

Half the WinExo Set (Windows 3.1 games) - Reformatting in process, 600 Games, to save space

Windows 3.1/Dos Games - Settings tweaked, now launch in full screen.


Small Fixes applied to the drive, Misc Media upgrades. Cemu Shader pack updated

Teknoparrot - Media Sets filled out to accommodate new games.


Teknoparrot - Updated to 1.86 - 6 New games added - Grid Autosport, Arcade Love, Under Defeat HD, Puyo Puyo Quest, Shining Force Cross Elysion, MaiMai Green

Dreamcast CHDs Added - Domestic and Import 7z sets replaced with CHDS, Instant loading, saves a bit of space.


Media Updates - Sega Genesis wheel was redone

General Fixes - Small fixes were applied to a few wheels. Internal settings were tweaked.

Jan - 3 Updates


Save and load states -  Added for nearly all relevant emulators. This applies to Ipacs, Xbox controllers and Xinmo. Wil not work for Xarcade Setups.


Updated Mame 0.203, CXBX, Xenia, Cemu, RCSP3, Yuzu, 


A wide range of media fixes. Ranging from 3DS to FM Towns

Updated CXBX, Cemu, Yuzu, RCSP3, CItra, Xenia

Dec - 5 Updates


Demul Shooter Fully Implemented Across the whole setup


Nintendo Switch added, 186 Games, Full Media


Demul Upgrade - Revamped Demul, went through and tested every game. Revamped the list. New media created. 
Playstation 2 Asia - Added complete snaps

Features reworked - Reworked the 3 layer system on the drive

Added Primal Rage 2 To mame


Added The following:  Nintendo 64 Imports snap, Nintendo gamecube Import Snaps, Neo Geo CD Tweaked, Atari Jaguar Tweaked, Phillips CD-I Media now uniform, Nintendo 64 Main theme changed, Nintendo 64 Import Video Changed, Added 100+ New NES 3D Boxes, Nintendo Famicom, new wheel Icons and added the Carts., Sega Saturn Disks added, only about 90 though, Nintendo 64 - Renamed the Artwork4, which was causing problems with most of the themes.


Huge range of media content upgrades. Tweaks, New wheel media, themes, theme reorganization. etc.

November - 13 Updates


Dreamcast Import Snaps added - Wheel has full media now. Also started a small server where people from the group can contribute to the drive. Should help improve things just a little faster across all drive content.


Sega Saturn and Sega Saturn Japan wheels have been revamped and updated.


Xbox Live Wheel Media was finalized. A bunch of media odds and ends were finished. Xbox Live Arcade wheel names were finalized.


Xbox Live Arcade Wheel added to the 24TB Version of the drive. You will now have a choice between PS3/PSN, or Xbox 360/Xbox Live Arcade. This applies to the 24tb drive. 


Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation were switched to Mednafen. Perfect emulation! 1500+ Sony Playstation Games Audited to ensure compatibility with the Mednafen Emulator. 


Sega Saturn Japan Completely Redone, over 120+ Games Added.


Xbox 360 Wheel added. 1100 Games. Now offering a choice between Xbox 360 and PS3 for the 24tb drive. Both can be used with your modified Consoles, and in all honesty, is probably the preferably method of play as the emulation needs to improve.


Found a better way to launch RCSP3, updated to the latest emulator. And added new macro settings to both the install and the update process for single drive setups, and for raid sets. 
Also update the latest crop of MAME CHDS to 0.203. 


Added 1100 Xbox 360 games, as well as all the media. There are about 550 videos and 550 Still snaps. Only about 80 games emulate well enough to play, but mise well get the work out of the way now and release it all. Also for the 24tb setup, you will have the choice between an 8tb Sony Playstation 3 drive and an 8tb Microsoft Xbox 360 drive.


Added a brand new Hyperspin Search wheel. Something happened to the old one where it would close right after the search result was displayed, this new one looks nice. Does the job well. Only problem is, upon the launching of hyperspin, it parses the database, so there is a small amount of downtime before you can use it. 


PAC64 LED Blinky profile was added. This is primarily for people with cabs who have 2 players. Also built in scripts to switch between Ultimate Ipac-4 and the Pac64. As these are the 2 most popular LEDBlinky Hardware solutions.
Also added Pinning documentation for the Pac64. 


Mame is now 0.203, Retroarch, PPSSPP, Snes9x, CXBX, Citra, Cemu, Dolphin, etc all updated, fixed the Time Crisis bug in MAME.
New romset updated for Naomi, Sega model 2, Model 3, Fightcade etc.
HBMame 0203 Updated. Most have themes, and the ones that dont have snaps.


Teknoparrot 1.80 Added, DirectInput and XInput both updated. 
Teknoparrot Serial Added to the Install
HOTD4, Virtual Tennis and Virtual Fighter Version B added. Initial D5 Also runs now

October - 8 Updates


AimTrak lightgun Profiles added for Teknoparrot.


New Ice Cold Games Added. 3 Games in the wheel


Bigbox Updated with 230 wheels 

Wheels like Mugen, Pc Games, Openbor were added.

16tb Bigbox has been updated. Everything except MS Dos And Windows 3.1 has been added as I got to work out the CD games for it. This includes Wii, Wii U, Wii ware, All 3ds Variants. Etc

Also: The install was to be updated with the various configurations. 8TB, 16, and 24 TB for Bigbox, just like it is for Hyperspin. So now once you update, it will also be reflective of the Setup that you have.


New promotional drive is up.
New Google files are up.
Launchbox Wheels extended to include just about everything that is on the Hyperspin Frontend.


Rewrote some of the install script. 
Updated Nestopia, the old one broke somehow. Working again. 
New Launchbox additions.
Changing Syncovery which limits it to parsing 1 million files to unlmited.
Making new google files


Got sonic racing working on Teknoparrot, changed the refresh rate in the settings file to 120 hertz.


New Media For HBMAME. Found a way to match it with all the weird names.
Releasing another round of PS3 content
The Ledblinky map was finished with 1100 profiles
Visco Classics was readded to the wheel
A couple games added to PC Engine CD.


Strider 2, Rainbow Islands, Mr Driller, were replaced in MAME
XML updates, some games in mame werent launching, so I swapped in their console counterparts.
Also added a new wheel. Visco Classics.
Fixed the SNES S missing thing.
Removed some xml doubles.
Fixed an issue with the sixth button on fusion
Added Metroid Samus returns to 3ds
Added 2 Saint saya games to ps2. (Unloading now)
Updated the media for NBA Jam 2017