The promotional drive below is designed to give you the enjoyment of Hyperspin without the hassle of configuring anything. Enjoy!

Hyperspin Promo Drive - IMPORTANT!

  1. Make sure you unpack to D:\ and not D:\HyperArcadeSystems Example: D:\Arcade\Hyperspin.exe

  2. Once unpacked, follow the directions in: D:\_1. Setup Folder

  3. Use this password for the setup install:


Password = HyperArcadeSystems.com_FreeDrive


  1. MAME & assortment of related wheels - Full set but removed the non-working CHDs.

  2. NES - Full Set

  3. Genesis - Full Set

  4. Turbo Grafx 16 - Full Set

  5. Neo Geo Pocket Color

- All Media, Bezels, Other special animations. Joytokey Profiles. Automatic Installation.

Pinball Release

*** Torrent Decryption password is in the Discord Group, Install Discord first and
use the Discord invite at the top of the page ***


   1.  Drive letter is F:\

   2. Update password will be changed once per week, Click here       --->

Click for the Torrent File

(seeded from our servers)


Pixelcade LCD_LED Animations and content

Has Pinball Release.png

HAS Pinball Release

Hyperspin Promo Trial


Fightcade Full Rom Set and Program