This is the 24TB Drive Donation option. Once processed, a follow up email will be sent with instructions. ($758 Canadian is $570 US) Please if your going to send this, Send the drives, no wires, and no original boxes. Lable as 1TB Drives, with a 60 dollar value total, for customs)

- 24TB Drive Donation = $520 Clone + $50 for shipping = $570 US

  • When shipping the drives, please only include the drives, no wires and no original boxes that they came in. Please ship the United states postal service. Mark the drives as 1TB Externals, with a total of 60 dollar value so that it gets through customs.

  • A full refund can be provided if access hasnt been provided, or the product hasnt been shipped. Upon receiving the drives, only the cost of the drives as well as the shipping can be refunded.